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Welcome to the iland cloud wiki. Here you will find documentation to quickly get familiar with how our cloud console works.  

Use the wiki space directory to get help with other areas related to iland Products and Services:

New users: This is a getting started guide for first time console users

  • Getting around - You can find useful information here that describes how to find your way around the different areas of the console. 
  • What makes this cloud different from others? - Learn about how the iland cloud is organized and structured. This will help get you familiar with how to manage your resources using the tools available in the console. 
  • First time walk-through - Beyond just logging in and looking around, learn what actions you may want to take when getting started. 

Experienced users: Make sure to check the wiki frequently to learn about different features, and get updates on the latest console releases. 

  • Detailed tutorials - Need help with network configuration or other complex tasks? We will provide documentation and videos on getting through basic and advanced management tasks. 
  • Feature discovery - learn about some of the other features within the console you may not be familiar with such as advanced security and reporting. 
  • Knowledge base - Explore known issues and FAQs 
  • Release notes - find out what was included in the latest console release

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Getting Started Guide

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